Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Kinda Thought

I kinda thought that life would seem grayer, considering the things I've encountered the past few weeks.

I kinda thought that the doubt bubbles that are seemingly floating over the heads of loved ones would block the light.

I kinda thought the world was different.

I kinda thought wrong.

Praise be to God, He has blessed me with peace, with focus, with a new sense of purpose in my life.  Am I tempted to think that I have no room for error because I need to be a witness for my Lord?  Yup.  Am I then quickly reminded that I am only made perfect in Christ?  YES, and praise God for it!

Life isn't different, because God isn't different.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I put my hope and trust in what He's told me in His Word.  My faith isn't just something I've chosen to believe in, it is who I am.  It is behind many of my life choices.  It is what drives me.  It is what anchors me to Him, when times are good or not-so-good.

And so, I find that God has called me to be a missionary in my own home--in my life.  But isn't that what He calls us all to?  It's really a shame that He had to use this scenario for my eyes to be fully opened to this calling.

So I'm choosing to turn the reins over to Him.  I want Him to fill me up.  I want to make my life an offering of praise.  I want to be a bold witness to His power for healing and hope.  I want Him to change me from the inside out, for the single purpose that He might be glorified and made known to this world. 

Dear Father, you are an amazing God.  I marvel daily at your creation, and the perfect ways you work in our lives.  Forgive me for forgetting how small I am and how great you are.  Forgive me when I believe that have control over my life, for you are the only one in control.  Lord, please work your wonders in my heart and life.  I don't want these to be empty words!  I truly want you to fill me, to change me.  I want to be a mirror that reflects you to this world.  I want to be sold out to you.  Please continue to fan these embers in my heart, and grow them into a fire for you that Satan has no hope of quenching.  And Father, when things get scary, remind me that I've asked for you to come in and rearrange my spiritual furniture.  Remind me that I must yield to your will.  Thank you for rescuing me.  I praise you for who you are.

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