Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Spiritual Lesson Learned from Parenting

My daughter attends a half-day pre-Kindergarten program.  She came home today in a very happy--and hyper--mood.  She was pretty much bouncing off the walls.

After lunch, she asked if I would paint her nails.  She's been asking for awhile, so I felt it time to comply.   We retrieved all the necessary items, and then set to work.  Oh me, oh my.  If you've never tried to paint the fingernails and toenails of a hyper, almost-five-year-old girl, it is an experience, let me tell ya.  "Be still."  "Stop wiggling."  "Hold your hand still."  "Stop moving."  "Be still."

"Be still" was the most common thing I said throughout the process.  As she was incredibly hyper, I had to say it many, many times.  But nearly the last time I said it, a thought occurred to me.

How many times do I ask God to do something for me--to go in and "dress up" (so to speak) some part of my heart--and then not receive the full benefits of the "dress up session" because I refuse to be still.  Because I won't turn off the TV.  Or leave the laundry for later.  Or remove the ear buds while I walk.  How many times have I prevented myself from reaping the full benefits of God's amazing, life-changing power, simply because I avoid stillness?

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