Monday, January 17, 2011

When to speak up?

I'm currently struggling with something.

I see that porn addiction among Christians is frighteningly high.  Perhaps some are of the mindset that porn isn't all that destructive.  But I know and love people whose lives have been adversely affected, and in some cases, shattered, because of an addition to porn.  I've seen statistics that upwards of 50% of Christians struggle with an addiction to--not alcohol, not meth--pornography.

I feel like I should speak up to the leaders in my church, and suggest that we should be more active in helping people who might be struggling with this, rather than continuing to let them suffer in silence.  But is it appropriate since I don't have this addiction myself?  I just see that people are hurting.  That lives are being ruled by something other than Christ.  That Satan is sitting back and enjoying the tally count.

When do you speak up?  How do you know the difference between the Spirit guiding you, and the light bulb of "opinion" going off in your head?

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